The Defenders Chapter 6.1: In flesh and blood we fall

In flesh and blood we fall, in dust we turn. Free the Spirit and open your mind to be One.

Epitaph engraved in tombstone in anonymous mage’s grave fall in battle.

The beast howled high again, throwing dozens of smoke tentacles which hurtful daggers. The defensive orbit barrier fell. We had being forced to retreat, living beloved friends behind.

Not enough mages… most of them fell during the first seconds of the attack as cursed by an infection. Just the most powerful witchcrafters, healers, warlocks and archmages were able to survive to the Breath of the Beast, an attack able to extract air from the lungs of its victims. Not enough warriors… protected by spells, they were able to hurt the beast a couple of times, but tentacles has taken some of them under the sea and inside the fog.

We pray to the Great Spirit to protect all us…

– A survival healer praying to Goddess Danann –



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