The Defenders Adventures

The Defenders of Pegasoi and Ippos adventures to help the Magician Order of Alegria’s Bay started as an internal role-playing funny little letter-comment in Flickr to our Land Lady in Second Life Duchess and friends Kynne and Sorchiee, all they fantastic photographers and fantasy fashion bloggers, and has evolved in the hands of Sorchiee into a bloody and thrilling story in which we throw some combustible that you cannot miss!

Minds behind the story

Bloggers and photographers Duchess, Kynne and Sorchiee and Alegria Studio team.

This is a collaborative open story to anyone that want to get involved into create fantasy action. We are also planning some Call to Arms in world and we are preparing some little installations to help with story immersion. You can visit our secret emplacement to see them (a hint: we are near to The Secret Affair).

Please contact Sorchiee or KatanaBlender to enroll in dark forces or light forces guilds and be part of the epic finale story! (Date coming soon)

The story until now

The Defenders were patrolling when they receive a letter from the Magician Order of Alegria’s Bay asking them to investigate a strange terrible presence covered into dark smoke they saw a day before coming from the West.  Warriors Kynne and Duchess took their cats and go to help the mages but disappear near to the bay in strange circumstances. Then a new letter from the Magician Order arrive: they were under attack! A monstrous ghost wolf puked by the dark smoke was trying to rape their protection orbit and penetrate into Pegasoi land!

Worried by these terrible news and the absence of clues from her warriors sisters in Pegasoi, Defender Sorchiee in Ippos depart to search and help them and find them confused in the hoods of a massacred camp near Alegria’s Bay. While, the evil pupped master necromancer behind the attack is planning a new action…


…To be continued…

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