For any suggestion, question or/and error related to our items and gachas, please send Alegria (KatanaBlender) a NC titled:

  • “Item name or Gacha set name – Your Name: Issue or Question”

Further information: ALEGRIA Studio’s policy and support.


I have played your gacha but I didn’t get the item I wanted, can you sell/give/exchange/refund me for the one I want?

Gachas are a game of luck, a gambling game, and we can’t guarantee you will get the item you want regardless the amount you’ve put in the machine. We cannot sell, give, exchange or refund you any gacha item out of fairness to others who play.

I have not received your gacha item/Inventory creation error

For items creation error and/or delivery errors, please send a NC titled “Gacha set name – Your Name: Transaction error”. Paste the transaction error and provide a screenshot of the local chat as a proof and describe the issue you’re facing.

I have tried to rezz your gacha items -or another no copy item- but them disappeared 

When you drop a no-copy item in a non-authorized zone (no object allowed land) it often happens that the box seems to be lost and don’t get back in your inventory. You have to log-off and log-in again to retrieve it.

I’ve purchased your gacha in a yardsale, to another player, traded it.. etc… but I never get what I purchased, refund me please

We’re sorry but we do not give support to third party purchases/trades. Be very careful when you trade, purchase on a yardsale or in makerplace and always check box contents. Keep in mind that a play will never cost more than 25 to 100L$ (depends on the gacha), so if you purchase a common item it should be never higher than that.


Can you change the item perms?

The permissions of No Mod items will remain as it:

  • No Mod/No Copy/Transfer for Gachas
  • No Mod/Copy/ No Transfer for no Gacha items

However, if you need for some reason a change in perms, you can contact us explaining your reasons and we will evaluate if we can change them (however NO MOD permission will remain as it).

I’d like to purchase your items as full perm to resell them

As we design original items, from concept to modeling and texturing, we will never sell full perm versions of our designs.

New Releases

I would like to buy your new release, but I cannot find it in your store/marketplace store

As we present our new releases in events and fairs, we have to wait until they finish to put them in our store or marketplace. Exclusive items made for specific events are not for sale anymore.



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