Defenders Chapter 6.3, necromancer: Conversations with my spectral puppy wolf

The smoke was penetrating Alegria’s Bay as a dense dark mist. After the collapse and fall of the defensive barrier, Defenders and mages was forced to retreat and now the once beautiful bay was covered in death.

The necromancer approached her beast from the beach, floating over the sea of corpses to avoid staining her white dress.

“Good boy, my little”, she said with crazy bright eyes to the enormous spectral wolf that was licking the blood of the fallen in the salty water. “No one suspected a bit! Eyes were turned on you, my star… Soon Pegasoi will be ours and Ippos land will fear me!”. Then she laughed while facing the beach and said:

“Now is time to wake these brave soldiers to our call…”

– Necromancer conversation with her spectral wolf –


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