Enroll the Magician Order University today! Subscriptions open

Do you want to become the next greatest master to dominate magic arts? Whatever you want to be next world’s conqueror or heal the planet you need formation! Enroll the Magician Order University today and enter the Colors of the Magic!

In our facilities at Alegria’s Bay you will find what you need to be the best of the bests with professors that will guide you through your quest in witchcraft, magic and alchemy in the following degrees:

  • 4 Elements Magic: dominate the fire, air, water and earth
  • Healing Magic: in harmony with universe and divine forces, a healing master use energy from the realm of the living with the help of the Gods
  • Ether magic: learn all about the 5th Element, spirit forces and how to summon them! Not all the people can achieve to master this art. You’ll need to dominate first certain Elements and Heals spells
  • Necromancy (forbidden since a student converted by accident the puppy’s Great Archmage Selventine, now passing in loving memory, into a giant bird of pray that ate its master): be a master in blood magic and turn yourself into dark arts summoning the dead and creepy creatures from the other side of the Vail

We accept cash coins money from the following Kingdoms:

  • Discworld
  • Middle Earth
  • Neverwinter
  • World of Warcraft
  • Tera
  • Dragon Age
  • Avatar
  • and, of course, Linden dollars

Sorry Hobbits, no Pipe-weed accepted as money…

Enroll the adventure! 

Important advice: don’t worry about the monster in the beach trying to eat us all…



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