Resisting until Defenders of Pegasoi arrive

“Dear Defenders of Pegasoi,

We are under attack! The presence was back a while ago and catch us by surprise. The dark smoke has puke a monster with no eyes before banish that seems a giant spectral wolf. We only achieve to see its powerful and menacing fangs. We are resisting with the Spell of the Queimada, slowing the beast arrival at the beach, but the monster has a great resistance to magic control and we don’t know how much we will be able to stop it.

Please, hurry!


The Magician Order of Alegria’s Bay in Pegasoi”

Conxuro da Queimada (Spell of The Queimada)

(Spanish traditional magic spell)

Owls, barn owls, toads and witches.

Evils, goblins and devils,

spirits of the snowy plains.

Crows, salamanders and sorceresses,

the spells os the quack doctors.

Rotten, hole-ridden canes,

worm holes and lairs of vermin.

Fire of the souls in torment, the evil eye,

black spells, the smell of the dead, thunder and lightening.

Dog’s bark, portents of death;

satyr’s snout and rabbits foot.

The sinful tongue of

the harridan wife of an old man.

Hell of Satan and Beelzebub,

the fire of burning corpses,

the mutilated bodies of the wretched,

farts from hellish arses,

the roar of the raging sea.

Barren womb of the single woman,

the miaiwing of cats on heat,

mangy and filthy hair of the ill-begotten goat.

With this ladle I will raise the flames

of this hell-like fire,

and the witches will flee on their broomsticks,

to bathe on the fat-pebbled beach.

Hear, hear! The howls of those who burn in the “aguardiente”

and thereby purify themselves.

And when this brew runs down our thoats,

we will be free of all the sins of our soul and of all witchcraft.

Forces of air, earth, sea and fire,

I make this call to you:

If it be true that you have more power than men,

here and now, make the spirits os the fiends

who have departed share this Queimada with us.

This letter is part of the adventures happening in Pegasoi Sim, where we have our base. Read more here:


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