Why I Relay

My grandma passed away at the beginning of this year due lung cancer too. She had it for years, but It was too late when doctors visit her. She was not a smoker, as her sister, that also died due lung cancer a year before. She was born into difficult times and suffer the Spanish civil war. She was of the type of never complain due pain. And she was my family pillar.

I was raised by her. I came to life with her 2 years ago, when we knew she had cancer. We born same day, same month, but in a different era.

I want “to see an end to the heartache this devastating disease cause too”.

Hugs ❤

Fantasy Faire 2017

Why I RelayLast year I was asked to share my story of “Why I Relay” for Fantasy Faire. The result was a story that gifted a very private part of me to the world. The reward was the number of people who were not only touched by my story, but had stories of their own to share. I read the piece to my mother over the phone and by the time I finished reading she was sobbing uncontrollably. I didn’t want that reaction and I felt horrible that I hurt my mother and made her cry. I felt awkward and we didn’t really discuss it further. A few weeks later I was contacted by NPR and they asked if my piece could be read on All Things Considered. I agreed. My story came to life as it was read by a featured author and, as I heard my words over the car…

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