MInerva Poster Love and War

Challenge your fellow-mortals as you will, but do not compete with a goddess.

The Age of Fable (Thomas Bulfinch)

Alegria Studio’s new release is inspired in MINERVA, the Roman goddess  of war, wisdom and arts that was born in complete armor from Jupiter’s head. You will find it in premiere for the March-April round of the Love and War Fair that starts today.

The gacha of her armor outfit comes in gold and silver and include: a catsuit (rigged; standard sizes S, M & L), a bracers, a necklace, 2 types of shoulders, 2 types of horns and petals. There are four rares divided in two colors: Catsuit gold, Catsuit silver, Serpent Horns plus petals gold and Serpent Horns plus petals silver.

ALEGRIA Minerva Gacha

4 rares, 10 commons.

In addiction, we will have Oh My Star Hat and Beats Warrior Arrow Piercing Set in Old Silver  and  Rusty Copper at 30 L$ price during the fair at our stand and a gift for the eggs hunt!

Taxi: Alegria Studio in the Love and War Fair

  • 100% original mesh design
  • rigged catsuit (S, M & L)
  • colors: gold and silver
  • resizer
  • transfer

Need some wardrobe inspiration? Here you have some amazing post and photos of bloggers that are using Minerva armor in the customization of their outfits:


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