Valindra’s Crown

Valindra was once a beautiful moon elf wizard. After her death, the loss of her beauty drove her partially insane. Returning as a lich animated by evil magic, she is the greatest threat facing Neverwinter with powers to command Red Wizard necromancers, raise an army of the dead and control a Dracolich, an undead dragon of great destructive capabilities. How Valindra obtained the Dracolich is unknown, however it is speculated that she made a deal with the cult of the dragon, as stated by Makos.

Lore entry from Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Noble’s Chest. 

This crown is inspired in her myth, in the rethink of she as Queen Lich. In premiere in the Secret Affair from Feb. 15 to end of month and later in our store.

Taxi here: Alegria Studio Stand in The Secret Affair

Valindra's Crown

Valindra’s Crown

ALEGRIA’s stand in The Secret Affair showing Valindra’s Crown. Photocredit Elden Malik.

  • 100% original mesh
  • Unisex
  • Colors: Black Ice, Silver Ice, Glacier and Gold
  • 2 versions: with and without Material Maps
  • With resizer
  • Copy

Need some wardrobe inspiration? Here you have some amazing post and photos of bloggers that has used Valindra’s Crown in the customization of their outfits:



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